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17 July 18

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Quickie: Christmas Special (Public)

3 October 18

If you are interested in visual novels with anime porn elements then you most likely already heard about the"Quickie" - series of short visual novels from"Oppai Games". And if you luved them then today we have a surprise for you - A Chrsitmas Special gig! What is so special in it? Well, tonight you can have a chance with any of the gal from the main cast of teh series and find out what each of them has planned for you on this magical night. The gameplay scheme is still the same - you enjoy not very long but fun, interesting and well drawn visual publication. From time to time you will need to make a choice and decide where teh sotry will go next. Be carefull - there is possible to have a bad finish with no romp in any respect! More games from the series in case you got fascinated you can always find on our website.

Holiday Romance Fuck-a-thon

13 April 21

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Rump Call Ep. 10 snowboarding

6 July 18

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