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The Jungle Call Part 2

7 May 21

It is warm and moist here and not only because events of this interactive story will be happening in the jungle wher the story of Amazon tribe and their unexpected visitors will continue thus if you have not playe dthe part one befor ethen you shoudl look fo rit on our website before commencing this one. Today we will discover that the head of the tribe could have fuckfest with any chick he will want to whic puts our heroine Flor into the record of his potential intimate whores... an dnot just potential - actually she will be the numbe rone in this listing! So now Flor will have to do anything to break away it... or at least to get as much profits from this situation as possible. But how successul she will become you will discover only afte ryou will play this game by yourself. Also remeber that you can type in the word"river" to get hint (if possible) in case if you get stuck.

Sex Sim

16 May 21

Although the game is positioned as a simulator, there's not anything else to do other aside from enjoying sexy scenes in this game. There aren't any lengthy dialogues or tense stories, and you don't have to entice some gorgeous ladies to enjoy them and all you have to do is pick the hot girl you'd like to have a fling with and decide in which direction you'd like to go. There are some exciting moments that make this game one to watch. The most important thing is that the fun will take place on a gorgeous tropical island, where you can feel the physical affection, whether with a sexy brunette or fiery redhead... oryou can just take in the show of lesbians that they'll show you with their most favored strapon!

Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem

7 April 21

Togther with Slutty McSlut you have been involved in a lot of rough situations so that you may say for sure that you have come trhough the cement jungles of this world. But what can be even tougher than the cement jungle? Only the real jungle! So get ready to confront some real threats from the many dangeorus and ruthless rival there could only be - the nature itself! But how did you even managed to end up in such situation? Well, in case you have played"Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness" then you already knwo what you want to know and for everyone else lets just say that driving the plane through the Bermuda triangle while being chased by the Interpol really isn't the best idea that has come into Slutty McSlut's head... and ofcourse now you will have to fix her problems as usual!

Amour v0.8

27 June 19

In this game you will gain the excellent ability which will practically made you a god... a God of Love! So now your only job is to spread the love one of the different characters you will meet on your way. Sometimes it will be hilarious, sometimes it will be hot but ost o fthe times it is going to combine both! By the way, this is an updated version which now also comprises a jungle location where you can make things more moist besides the climatic zone it is situated in... Wonderful arcade style game where you will have to do a little bit mor ethan simply to click on the next button to progress through the game but don't expect any xxx gameplay either - this game was made entirely for fun and there is no need in to put too much of a challenge into it so you won't be dispelled from the most titillating moments.

Hentai game featuring Shilleka from Etrian Odyssey.

15 April 21

Do you remeber one certain shopkeeper from"Etrian Odyssey"? The one who looks very adorable whilst talking with quite thick accent? But even in case you don't remeber her then you will get the opportunity to meet her more closely in this anime porn parody game and after that she will have substantially greater odds on her name staying in your memory. By the way, her name is Shilleka. But that is not the point because the point is that you will develop into the one lucky customer who is going to acquire a very special set of private services from her and these services can easily bring lots of the adventures from the official game at the background due to it's total arousal. Yeah, we are talking about getting virtual intercourse with this beauty! Are you ready to accomplish this quest?

Jungle fucky-fucky

17 July 18

"Jungle fucky-fucky" is not a game but animation for adults which has both humor and fucky-fucky. According to the title this is going to be a story about modern version of Tarzan who has lived long enough in the wild jungle to become the grown man. And it was all fun and games for him now and until the mating season has begun no one has any care for Tarzan for fucking with someone of their own type because they care . Tarzan is not planning to stay alone either so he starts explroing the jungle in search for hot lady who will let him to stay his enormous and overfilled with sexual energy manhood inside her pink slit... and he will find one but as we already said this story has not only fucky-fucky but also adult humor in it so probably you currently imagining that someting is going to find wrong here...