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Luna in the Tavern ep 4

19 February 22

The exciting adventures of the sexy hero Luna in a tavernwill continue, but this time she won't be the only hero on stage. Tonight, along with her in the tavern, she will stop two sisters known as Lina and Rylai who are practicing the magic of fire and ice! But which of them is more skilled and which tits are more powerful? That is the question for Luna and for you as the player to decide!

Luna in the Tavern

21 December 21

Luna isn't just a famous hero, but she is also a very attractive, and when she shows up at the tavern in order to secure an area for the night, she is greeted with more attention than she was probably anticipating to receive. There are many of her own supporters here tonight, so she is able not just share a few stories, but also get a some free drinks in the process of taking part. It's likely to be her first mistake when a sexy woman drinks in a group of guys the result could be... Well the way the outcome will depend on choices that you will make in this sexy and entertaining visual novel that everyone who loves fantasy and hentai will love absolutely! Be careful!

Mirana in the Tavern

23 December 21

"Mirana in the Tavern" is the third (and probably the final) chapter in the adventures that began in the game "Luna in the Tavern". We are about to uncover more of Luna's secrets due to one simple fact - toinght in the same Tavern Luna is likely to meet her primary adversary in the entire adventure world! Naturally, this rival is Mirana and she's just as gorgeous and skilled as our main heroine (otherwise there would be no rivalry, would there?). As you can already guessed, this pub will be their ultimate stage where they will find out which of them is the most of the best at what they do... and If you've seen the previous episodes, then you know that this one will be quite thrilling!