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Narusegawas Supreme Out Door

13 May 18

Today anime cutie Narusegawa (or just Naru for short) is in a great mood - the sun is shining, the weather is great, she is horny... so why don't to have some outdoor fuckfest today? If you support this idea then click on start button already! But since it is not usual factor for Naru to fuck outdor beside the tree like some wild animal she might have a small bit of stress. And now it is you mission as a player to keep her pleasure level higher than her stress level - only when he rpleasure will hit the maximum first you will win this game. And for the winning you will be rewarded with a particular cum shot scene! Or you can just activate the witness mode and simply enjoy the animations. But remember that in witness mode stress and pleasure bars will both be disabled.

Virtual Meeting with Jen

13 May 18

If you are planning to visit"Christie's Room" tonight then you better be ready to go on a date with beautiful woman named Jen! But so you would not wait for the most interesting region of the date for too long the events will begin shortly after your date night out is over and you have come home after having a dinner and watching a movie. But how exactly this amazing nigth will end is still not clear and you still will have to do some work on seducing Jen. Choose proper words, find right points to make your first contact and if you happened to find a good presents for her then it will also help you a lot - all to make Jen horny enough and let you to fuck her! And don't worry - game has instructions and hints in case if you get stuck during some improtant sequence.

I desire of Charlie

15 June 18

This game is a hentai parody for an old TV showcase called"I dream of Ginnie". And who is the most popular parody star on this site? Of course it's big titted platinum-blonde Charlie! So no wonder that in this game you will be dreaming of her instead! The story so far. An old ginnie called Charlie is realeased from her prison. She was trepped in it for so long that looks like her bra has turned into dust and just disapperaed... or she is the most promiscuous of all ginnies that you know. And what she will spend her magic very first? To clean up the house... and masturbate! But she seems in really great mood today so she will let yo to choose what you want to see ehr masturbating with. Well, this is what all the game is about - making choices and watch hilarious anime porn animations.

Ino yamanaka twat fuck

13 July 18

If you have been following the adventures of Naruto and his friends then you might remeber Ino Yamanaka as always smiling and fun blonde woman yet today you will see one more side of her nature - the trampy one! That's right - this adorable blonde is a real hoe since she has let some masked dude to fuck her on the doorsteps of her mansion in the middle of a day! By the way you're able to enjoy this totally other kind of exciting ninja action in both manual and auto modes because in case you remeber this is not simply a hentai parody but also a game (or to be more specific it is a minigame which rules descritption you'll be able to find in the main menu and which you are recommended to check if you want not only to witness Ino getting fucked but how she will reach an orgasm as well).