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April's Big Story

18 December 20

Brave (and let's be honest - quite sexy) reporter April O'Neil from TV Channel 6 News is always in chase for a supreme story to share if this chase will lead her into very suspicious places. And even if something was twicthing in the place where overlook O'Neil has her intuition it has worked too late - just two dirty mutants Beebop and Rocksteady has captured her this time! And that's not all - they decided to try the mutagen on April but even they were not expecting that it will turn our fave reporter to... hump crazy elf! Quite a consequence, right? And that's not all - the most arousing outcomes will happen a little bit afterward when Beebop and Rocksteady will pull out their big animal sized spears and put them into use to test April's new special abilities!


30 April 19

You can already see from the title that this comic is parody, but it still stays true to the official purpose of the stories of Spider-Man. Not all his attempts to help people are accepted and so getting a black symbiotic outfit allows him to change his approach and to fuck any hot chick around!

Pulverize Town: Lucky Winner

15 June 18

Buyint TV put in Fucktown might provide yo with much more than abunch of evenings spend aimlessly on the couch - for examply you can win in a free lottery which tickets are coming with the buy... Ofcoruse you have already read the title of this game so it'll barely be a spoiler to tell you whichyou have actually won! Besides the big sum of cash you will also get some bonuses that you have most likely not expecting to get such as the high level attention from all the newspapers reporters. But once again - this whole story is happening in Fucktown an dyou are it's main characetr so you can easily turn this whole situation into your own profit and this will be the sort of profit that has put this game on manga porn and erotic themed websites in the first-ever place.

News Reporter

7 May 18

Nancy Boobitch is a very lucky television news reporter, but as of late she is running out of leads for a good story to report on. Until one night when she gets a phone in her office from a mysterious voice over the telephone.