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News Reporter

7 May 18

What can a woman with name Nancy Boobitch do for living? She can be a TV reporter. And pretty succesfull actually. But recently she is not getting any great stories in any respect. Until one day she gets a mysterious phone call and some mysterious voice asks her to go to a mysteryous mansion. Is it going to be a different one false lead or Nance truly will get a chance to make a report that will make teh whole town to talk about her once again? If you want tknwo the response then combine her and her camera operator in this strange investigation which is going to be crammed with a lot hookup scenes. And in case if you happen to have any qualms about playing this game or not - yes, Nancy Boobitch has quite a big tits so she got her name not for nothing. And you should not miss your chance on witnessing her putting them into good use!

Pulverize Town: Lucky Winner

15 June 18

It's a story from the life of a regular dude. A couple weeks ago, he bought a lottery ticket. And today he won $1,000,000. It's a holiday. A couple days afterwards, a youthfull journalist comes to the dude's palace. She wishes to understand about this stud's success story. The dude invites a woman into his room and the conversation embarks. The journalist tips at closeness for currency and the dude takes her game. For starters, the dude starts massaging the woman for long legs and tasty peaches. Then the woman takes off her half-top and the dude licks her pink nips. The woman sits on her knees and gives the dude a bj. Then she sits on a fat dick and starts hopping on it like a dirty whore. Her big watermelons stir up and down. And that's just the beginning of their sexual relationship. Let's commence the game and determine what happens next.

April's Big Story

18 December 20

Brave (and let's be honest - quite sexy) reporter April O'Neil from TV Channel 6 News is always in chase for a fine story to share much if this chase will lead her into very suspicious places. And even if something was twicthing in the place where skip O'Neil has her intuition it has worked too late - 2 dirty mutants Beebop and Rocksteady has captured her this time! And that's not all - they decided to try the mutagen on April but even they were not expecting that it will turn our fave reporter right into... bang-out crazy elf! Quite a result , right? And that's not all - the most titillating outcomes will happen a little bit afterwards when Beebop and Rocksteady will pull out their big animal sized meatpipes and put them into use to test April's new special abilities!


30 April 19

You can already see from the title that this comic is parody, but it still stays true to the official purpose of the stories of Spider-Man. Not all his attempts to help people are accepted and so getting a black symbiotic outfit allows him to change his approach and to fuck any hot chick around!