School Uniform

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Wishes 1.0

11 December 21

"Wishes 1.0" is the game about secret wishes and what a person would do when he will actually get the opportunity to make these wishes real. Also it is imprtant to mention that this game belongs to hentai genre andsince the main character of this story is the student who gets bullied by three really mean chicks at school then you already should have some ideas on what exactly he will do with all of them once he will find the legendary magic lamp and summon the all-mighty genie for help. Yep, we actually said 'magic lamp' - after all this story is a total fiction and with lamp it will be way more easy to explain why all the bad girls are now wearing the see-through clothes or something like that. But your choices will also matter because this game has three different endings.

The Hentaifying Of Haruhi Suzumiya

3 May 21

A elementary simulation game with hentai elements that will finally allow you to find such anime cutie as Haruhi Suzumiya in your bed and ready to be taken by you from behind! Ofcourse first you will need to undress her because she will still be wearing her iconic uniform so if you enjoy undressing anime gals then this game has just become more interesting for you perosnaly. Figure out what actions will make Haruhi Suzumiya's mood bar to fill up and keep perfoming them but at the same time pay attention to new options that will become available. Eventually the dick icon will appear which means that Haruhi is ready for the main action. Once the mood bar will get full you can also change the power of the process and even her clothing!

Shion 2 - Cunning Lil Dame in a Cock-squeezing Spot

7 April 21

A cunning little girl in a predicament. Shion Kamishiro is caught in a lie. Talk and tease her to make her obey you. "Okay," Moko agreed, her voice firm. She had a plan. She couldn't afford to be caught in a lie or it was all over. Moko sat down on the floorand hugged her knees. She waited. A minute passed, but nothing happened. Moco waited another minute, then another. Nothing. Then she got up. As soon as she did so, there was another sound. He came from the depths of the tunnel. The sound was quiet, but Moko heard it. It was a whisper. Not loud but persistent

StripClick v0.01

23 December 18

This game here is just what its title promises to be - striptease cleaker. So don't expect any exciting stories or funny dialogs with multiple options - everything that you will need to do here is to click enough times on the picture of adorable looking anime chick to rip her clotehs into diminutive pieces. After that you can rip of her underwear as well! For that you can reward her with one sloppy cum shot covering her from head to toes and in return she will give you few coins which you can collect for... well, no one knows what you might need these coins for - looks like the developer studio was interested in giving you a lot of hot chesty damsels to strip than adding any other content to the game. Yet there will be a whole lot of sexy damsels in a lot of different apparels - will you be able to strip them all?

Smack 18 [v 1.5]

14 May 18

In this game you will take the function of a instructor. And if you walways wante dto be a instructor in a class full of hot and horny chicks then this game is probably the closest thing to your wishes. Just don't think that everyhting will go easy - these damsels are kinky in all ways including their discipline. So keep your eyes open and witness your students closely. There will be some excellent damsels among them and it will be right to reward them. There will be damsels that will try to cheat on exams or try to sneak out and smoke a cigarette - this is the kind of behaviour that should be punished. Depending on your actions you will get or lose points. If you will do something that is not approved by the school rules you will be warned. If you will allow too many mistakes to happen you will be fired and won't see those sweethearts again!