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Mega Victory! Sexy Rock Paper Scissors

13 November 20

Playing rock-paper-scissors with sexy looking sweetie named Megan is about to receive the best game of rock-paper-scissors in your lifetime as you will be playing against Megan in striptease variation of it! Both of you will be testing your chance trying to eliminate all thr clothrs lumps from each other. Yep, you will also have a limited quantity of clothes on your virtual character so unlike many other games with the similar ideas here you can either to win or to reduce which obvioulsy adds couple more points to the arousing side of this entertainment! Try not to rush, work out some approach or chaotically depend on your luck - the way you will be playing the game is all up to you! Just be certain that you won't leave attempts until you will get this sweetie completely nude in front of you!


10 June 18

The candidate's race has finished and the outcome is based upon the only vote! Who's the winner?

Panchira Town Carnival

29 May 18

This episode of Panchira Town adventrues is going to be different from the standard gameplay that you have seen in earlier games (and If not, you can always search for them on our website) because there is going to be a fair tonight! In total, there will be 23 (!) hot women who will be part of the main event, however, only you can transform their dancing memorable! The only thing you need to dofor that is to take all of them naked with the basic variation of the rock-paper-scissors board game! When you have three wins, the girl will be naked and then you are have the option of picking any other girl who, according to your own personal preferences has too many outfits in the present! Certain sex scenes may be featured in the latter episodes also!

Shifumi with Jennifer Nexus

22 March 18

"Shifumi" is fun and at exactly the identical time elementary game which you might know as"rock-scissors-paper". And this brown-haired Jennifer Nexus is quite big aficionado of this game. Actually she like sthis game so much that ready to put her clothes on the line if you are prepared to play along withher! Gameplay strategy is elementary and well know - you and your rival make a choice of free unique objects - rock, paper and scissors. Ofcourse there is a draw outcome possible and nothing will happen but every time you will win the rounded Jennifer will take off one of her garments element and it's going to be shown in the videoclip! Now get all your luck together and unwrap down this ultra-cutie downright so in case can reward you with a mall bonus flick! More game with real erotic models you can find on our website anytime!