Suzusato Rinka

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Sono Ai Watashi ni Kimenasai

9 November 20

Ranma was out on a date, but ended up getting raped in the parking lot. Sometimes it happens. This busty beauty was not a surprise. This comic will tell the story, and you'll need to read it again to understand why. Perhaps it was a setup and part of a clever strategy. Let's look at the comic until the end, and then draw our own conclusions. Get started.

I cant see your face today (Ranma 1/2) [English] [EHCOVE]

23 February 21

A black-and-white comic about two lovers who have sex comas. They kiss, undress and the girl then gives the man a blowjob. The dude then licks the girl’s pussy and slaps it. The girl then sits on her penis and continues to sit on it. It is very interesting and dynamic. I recommend you to see it.