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GD: Flawless Negotiations

10 May 21

This video game tells the story of the CEO of an influential IT company. The work day begins with you looking at the stock price chart. The stock price is dropping. You need to do something. You need to find market opportunities for your products. You get a text message. A marketing specialist invites you to meet with the head of another company in order to find a solution. You attend the meeting the following day. Director is named Mr. Campbell. He is a handsome middle-aged man. He definitely likes you. He definitely likes you. Campbell is homosexual. You are, too. Is there a way to work for both of you? Is there a solution? Only if we begin gay games now can we find the answer.

BlazBlue Litchi Sex Sesh

1 May 18

One more elementary but joy interactive parody above videogame seires"BlazBlue" is here but even if you have never heard about it or not played with it you're still likely to receive your portion of enlivenment out of it - that the one thing that's linking this parody and original game is among many personalities which you're obvaiously likely to almost fuck tonight! This personality is non besides Litchi and might be you've seen her earlier if you're into hefty boobed bitches out of videogame worlds only now she is going to be displaying another pair of her unique abilities and abilities like providing oral pleasure, perofming tit fucking and miliking your digital boner in several different ways till you'll finally jism all on her reward for her efforts.

School Joy

4 May 18

A story that occurred in Oklahoma at a high school. So chesty and super-cute lecturer Miss Winters talks about the Atlantean civilization's background. However, the pupils stare at her big watermelons and round donk. Miss Winters finds that and sends Alex. Miss Pupkins reads a reprimand to Alex. However she's one weakness. Boys are loved by miss Pupkins. Miss Pumkins commences to undress. Wow.. She has saucy peaches with nipples. Alex definitely want to flavor them. Use your mouse to change game scenes. To try it, click the arrows. Take pleasure in how Miss Edwards fucks young Alex. She awakens with delight once the door to the office opens. Miss Winters comes in. She seesAlex fucks the director and commences to undress.. Know it will be at the moment.

Legally Blonde

14 May 18

Busty blonde in a suit sits on a seat in the hall. She's jumpy before the interview, because the lady requires this place. So the blond is requested to go in the office of the director. Mr. Johnson is considering the blond. Large and watermelons that were fleshy drawn their attention. Mr. Johnson informs the lady the interview is strictly confidential. With these words, the dude comes up into this lady and unzips her coat. Big titties have been thrown out and Mr. Johnson starts to wrinkle from his hands. Then he spanks tits and twirls nipples. Subsequently the dude will remove the micro-skirt from the lady and leaves her create a jaws sucky-sucky. Girl gargles man sausage. She's prepared to do everything to get work. So we commence the game and find out whatthe huge-chested blonde is ready to suggest in order to get a position.

Oddlots Irregulars

4 June 18

Within this difficult, but interesting flash game, you have to go thru a lot of testing in applied sciences. In addition to the game will probably test your thinking and capability to think in unusual situations. Look at the game display. You find a big-titted dame. She'll ask you questions. You need to pick the solution that is best and assess it. If you do not know the answer to the question, you can use the Internet to find the information. When you answered correctly, then the dame will start to undress. You have to answer all the questions to see this dame fully naked. So if you are ready then begin playing.

Office pranks

5 October 18

You functioned in an intriguing financial company for a lengthy time. However there was a crisis that is worldwide and also you have fired. You are unemployed. You are sitting in a puny room in which it is hot. Open the refrigerator and drink abeer. Somewhat disturbs you and you commence reading the newspaper. In it you find an ad about work. You phone phone and the following day you come to an interview. You enjoy the building you're currently working on. You go inwards and see a bold and huge-chested assistant. Certainly there is a idea born in mind. You wish to entice your assistant to have lovemaking with her. To achieve this you need to choose the ideal conversation choices...