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Pummeling Basket Picnic

11 May 18

What are you going to do about spending that shivering day with your beloved partner to an excursion? Particularly when you realize that, with proper medical treatment, this kind of medical treatment for intimate relationships can give you some fantastic outdoor piddling... The game here is divided into two parts. In the first, you'll need to use the right phrases to not just keep the conversation going but also to entice her to hook up with you now and here. It won't be a problem when you're gentle and courteous, but you should also be able to feel confident. If you're not something wrong, you'll be in the second zone where the mini-games are based on the act of touching, teasing and finally getting your partner excited, similar to what you'll only experience when you play the game for yourself!

The New Sexretary

9 June 18

Blonde secretary is pretty frequently is a hump object in all men's fantasies. Well, this game won't disappoint you eather! Meet Janny. This is her day one at the new job so it is not wonderfull that she got late - getting into working rhytm of whole company might be hard at first-ever. But for it means the good opportunity to meet with her a little bit closer and if you'll discover the way to help her then an office romance will become a real opportunity tonight! Without spoiling for you this part of the game all we can tell is that if you will play your cards right you will see few sexual minigames with your new sexy co-worker! Touching, undressing and hump at different positions - is there any finer way to finish the day of hard work at the office? The game is not so long so pretty shortly you will response this question yourself!