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Adventures of Alessandra

4 May 21

This is a very colorific game which takes place in a world. The main leading lady of this story is Alessandra that isn't just sexy looking elf chick within an armor which hardly hides the attractiveness of her ody but in exactly the identical time she's a captian of Castanic Battle Seven of those Elven Emipre (also if you would like to learn about this side of her character then you'll need to browse all of the texts and dialogs rather than bypassing them). The problems with her current mission are beginning from the very embark of it - her has hauled into the side of this woods! She won't just must discover the route thru the jungle but to face many risks on her manner and among them will be thirsty for candy elven fuckholes werevolves...

A Blonde in the Dark

10 April 21

An ordinary. City park. Friday, 13. Complete Moon. You may listen to an unusual odor within the atmosphere and the noises of nighttime birds. An ordinary town locksmith ambled at the Park. He had been observing the moon suddenly lost consciousness. He still wakes up, When a number of hours. The locksmith hears unusual noises. He is conscious of that there is someone. He opens his eyes and sees with a sonsy and attractive blonde. Oh, shit. She hops up and down his manhood. The smith begins cluttering the blond. Presently the rule is that you just should select the dialog parameters decently. It looks like the girl may be a lamia, also she search on fellows. He fucks of the blood is drunk by them. Can a locksmith maintain living and locate home!? You have to ease him. Let's start the game and launch this unusual date with a bootylicious lamia finished.