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Yoruichi abjection by Rangiku

5 July 18

If you've been watching the adventures of the main characters from manga and anime series "Bleach" Then you probably already know why Rangiku Matsumoto is looking to dominate Shihouin Yoruichi. However, even if not, it isn't that much of a problem since watching one hot anime character having a fling with another super hot anime character is the thing that is enjoyable anyway! However, what makes this hentai-themed parody (brought to you by Pinoytoons to be precise) extra interesting is that Rangiku Matsumoto will be in futanari modeand having a couple of buddies will allow her to not just dominate Shihouin Yoruichi, but to also humilate her! This slut's bust isn't taking pleasure in being rough fucked in the first place, of course.