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Fortune Teller HiLo

9 May 21

Visit to a fortune teller could become an titillating event especially if both the visitor and the fortune teller are quite hot looking ladies who doesn't mind to play some g/g games from time to time. But in order to observe all their interactions you will have to proove that you are not a starnger to the cards either. And don't worry, you won't have to read the fate from taroe cards or anything else like that - what we have for you is one simple and fun minigame. This game is titled as"HiLo" or"Higehr-Lower" and all of that is necessary from you is to guess will the next card from the deck be higher or lower in it's value than the previous one. The more often you will succeed and your virtual enemy will probably fail the longer segmenst of the video we were talking in the beigging of this description you will see!