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Arabian Dream

4 May 21

This game is a well known story story about Aladdin and his magic lamp only told in a little bit different way - perhaps not so accurate to the original story but with lots of anime porn fucky-fucky scenes instead! Story embarks with scanty boy Aladdin sitting n the bench and jerking off while dreamng about... no, not the princess but sandy-haired mermaid! But why wasting yoru timing on ordinary dreaming when you have a magic lamp with a genie in it? By the way, this genie is also very sexy looking chick... but lets get back to the story. So he calls out his genie and after some short test (consisiting of only one question) he is prepared to tell her his new wish. But will she be baly to grant it? Let's find out together! To progress through the game just use available activity buttons you will see on the screen to enjoy different animation in each scene!