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Subway Banger – Rape – chapter 01

22 March 18

The first-ever part of an interactive 3D bang-out flash game about a beautiful and youthful woman and a metropolitan rapist who abducts women. All newspapers wrote about him, but the police could not catch him. Therefore, a gorgeous and big-chested damsel was captured by the rapist. She went down the subway to come back home. But all of a sudden she was stunned and dragged into a strange and dark basement. It turned out that she was abducted by a maniac rapist. And now he will mock and mock this big-chested woman. He will fuck her in the cooter and bootie. He will whip her belt on the bootie and insert a gag in her mouth so that the damsel stops screaming. He will humiliate her. She was seized sexually, and she has no choice but to satisfy the lovemaking maniac again and again. So let's start playing this 3D BDSM game right now.