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Magical Dragon

28 August 20

In this HTML5 gamesupported the principles of a visible novelwith some extra components from alternative game genres, you'll play as a mighty hero who isn't afraid to face anyone together with, of course, a dragon! only now you will meet a really special dragon who does not even deem killing you in battle, and really needs to affix you in your quest. additionally to the plain skills like strength and fire-breathing death-dealing masculinity, this new friend of yours conjointly has one distinctive ability - the power to show into a hot cutie who does not mind taking a ride on an enormous exhausting pipe each currently then. And precisely however you are going to use this ability is up to you.

Sin'dorei Inquisition

10 July 21

After a few preparations (which in terms of games means the use of customization settings at your own taste) you will get the private audience with non other than the Queen of Inquisition herself! She is used to be dominant in any situation and no matter how big your cock is (and how big your boobs arein case if you will pick yourself to be a futanari character) it won't change tonight - she will be riding you as if you are the biggest sinner in the entire kingdom!