Dark Lord Porn Games

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Slave Lord [v 1.4.1]

16 July 18

At the commencing there was only one Ring of Power and it had been shot. However you could see the ring and eventually turn into the Dark Lord. You have the deserted grounds north of this great Wall. You are sultry about the centre of this ring of energy. Your black ideas shovel one in the direction of the idea the concept within Earth. To try it, you need a military of orcs and trolls. Begin training the offensive military victimization that the barracks and volcano. After training, you're visit the throne area and relieve. Then go down to the workshop to invent armor and make coins. Together with coins, you're buy several these compulsory items from a local retailer. Inside the distance to the right of this throne area, you will see a youthful and curvy woman. You will instruct her as your own individual whore. Scrub her tits to cause bigger. Fuck her beaver to please your zeal. When you square step prepped, then come in look of this ring of energy. Ok, lets begin the game at the moment.

Concubines Of Whoredor

22 March 18

Prepare yourself to turn into the notorious Dark Lord that conducts his grimm kingdom within this dream world - that the volcanic wasteland of all Whoredor. Commanding orcish hordes along with generals is all types of joy but if he comes back to his own there's something constantly missing - that he would like to twist someone! Following some study between rather inebriated and rather not orc overall he understands where to get exactly what he needs - he might need to pay trip to the grounds of Erolandia! There he meets with a fiersome warrior woman knight Nelaana... that doesnt' discuss like woman knight in any respect! Well, she'll grow to be a brilliant decoration for Dark Lord then! Currently there's a nymph to fuck in shadowy castle... and also fucked Nilaana is going to be! Perform with the game story mode or style using manga porn scenes just - pick what you may love the many!