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Kara's Nightlife

1 May 18

Enjoy mini game where two furry Dalmatians with oral sex. Guy's getting blowjob. You can change between 4 countries and they each have 3 rates. Publish inhale and then the cum .

Rock Candy [Spectacular Spectrophilia]

7 October 20

Man, this project has been a ride. Originally planned to be released around November/December 2017, this project has been a thorn in my side for over a year! First having a lot of trouble finding VAs to fill in all the roles and then running into further problems with coding. If Mittsies is to believed, this project was a nightmare to code! It was rough on both of us, but it's now ready! It might not be perfect, there are probably a few small bugs in there, but the worst bugs have been fixed. That's why it took so long, once one bug was fixed another one was found. In any case, I'm glad to finally have this project done. It took a toll on me during 2018, I tell you... I toyed a lot with voice acting, facial expressions and lipsyncing. I'm grateful to all the people who helped me out with this! I didn't take it super serious, so I hope there can be laughs as well as faps. As for the content of the flash itself... I've included all the context and backstory into the flash itself, so just jump in!

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