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Galaxy Angel sim meeting RPG

6 July 18

A small bit of an old-school seeming yet non the less fun to play anime themed dating simulator where you will be enjoying as the main character trying to handle a pile of different ladies. Ofcourse all the sci-fi situation that'll be happening around will make this perosnal escapade more fun and titillating so if if you have always dreamed to try to build a harem from the spaceship team then you are welcomed to to do that in this game. Some rpg elements will probably be involved (after all it is known as a simulator for a reason) so be sure that you pay enough attention to all the facets of your virtual personality and know how to use them in order to entice as many sexy anime chicks as only possible. Plus awesome graphic style ofcourse!

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy 1.0.1

2 April 21

An interesting vid game set in the long run in a very distant galaxy. The protagonist of the game may be a space traveler. He flew to the earth to affix the order. He's reported to be fighting over the arena. He additionally needs to store for gimps. Among them there are voluptuous ladies who are often made concubines. Thus, you're given with a good vary of actions. You'll fly to a different galaxy in a very starship and begin fighting enemies to produce cash. Or head to a galactic pub to get fuck-a-thon with a hooker. Or begin shopping for and coaching gimps. As soon as they are well-prepped, you are going to lead them inside the rostrum. And the battle for gold may begin. Study the game guide to know all aspects of management and learning. Become a sub master within the galaxy in this vid game. Game update 1.0.1

Battle for the Galaxy

7 April 21

Battle for the Galaxy is quite considerable game with lots of internal mechanics and plannings involved. Here you won't be just following the story but also take quite active parts in strategy of battles. Here ou will soon be recruitng troops from rocket troopers and space marines to giant mechs and battle cruisers! Build your bases and position the defending points for it and don't forget to attack the bases of your enemies if you are plannig to win and enjoy all the possible rewards that this game will provide you with. For all who likes not elementary quick to win games but games where your skills ar ereally affecting the process. Just be patient while waiting the game to download entirely - so it might take some time it has plenty of detailed style and elements.