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Sensual Haunting

23 November 22

The main character in this interactive game assumes the role of a good ghost who passed away in very enigmatic scenarios. Considering that then, twenty years have passed, and he has continued to reside in the previous home. You lost half of your strength ten years ago when Natalya, the current passenger, sought to drive out supernatural forces. Before a family moved in one day, no one else had expressed an interest in the house for a very long time. She turned out to be odd and is made up of the mother, the daddy, and the daughter.

DD - Dangerous Delivery

7 May 23

When you get a delivery order from hto looking blonde chick you jump on your bike and push the pedals as hard as you can... and this is when you finally know that the delivery address is one old and creepy house and to get to it you have to get through the cemetary! Hot chick. Creepy cemetary. The choice is evident - just watchout the big spiders, keep the cupcakes in a box and everything will be fine!