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Double Home Work Episode 18

20 May 21

The story of "Double Homework" continues to force you take on more difficult decisions in an effort to save your normal life, your friends and the couple you love most gorgeous redheads, of course (you have seen the earlier episodes of this ongoing visual novel, haven't you?). In this chapteryour class is planning an educational trip to Barbossa which is an excellent idea for all... everybody except you, because due to some ambiguous reasons, you must go by yourself and not in a group class, which means that all the gorgeous girls go to your arch-nemesis, Dennis. Are you able to change this unfair situation? Maybe Miss Mosley could help, but it appears to have her own agenda in the whole chaos that's happening...


18 May 21

This is the first episode in what will become an ongoing series of visually appealing novels that not only have an interesting and sometimes thrilling stories but also stunning illustrations and some even more amazing sex scenes! In the context of the story, you play as the protagonist who ends being living in the same house with two beautiful redheads - Johanna and Tamara. Even though they have similar looks, their personalities differ and figuring out the secret to each of them will be the most important factor to succeed. However, there are other attractive students and teachers nearby to create romantic relationships or have an instant fling! It's all about the choices in this game series. Don't forget to visit our website for new episodes!

Double Home Work Episode 17

30 April 21

New chapter of"Double Home Work" is still here. The situation with Dennis is getting closer to it's conclusion so it is now or never but you will have to settle him down. He has already casued you some serious troubles (to know more about the story you undoubtedly ought to play the preceding vignettes before commencing this one) and now planning to do even more damage to the damsels and friends you know. You even have come out with a plan that involves some"cracking and coming in" at some point and for that you will have to find a loyal and skillfull companion. Because you can see not merely the story goes on but situations become more serious and stakes get high so be careful with all the choices you are going to make during this new sequence of erotic visual novel!