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Campus beotches

7 May 18

This game is in fact the interactive story of one student doll whose life in campus made her the largest fuckslut during the very first year of her studying here. This story will begin with her arriving at the place and with the very first choice she will have to make - to pay the driver or to runaway without doing it - and as you have most likely already guessed this choice is left up to the player to make. Each decision you will make for our heroine will send her life path in one or another way and as a result of the general number of such choice-situations each of you can produce your own story or at least to replay the game more than once still finding something new during each walkthrough. By the way difefrent hookup scenes here are made as different minigames!

Sex Kitty Sim-Date 6

16 March 19

Being Slutty McSlut's bf means that you will have to provide her with cash on vacation and all that stuff so stop wandering around and go earn some! Gameplay here is based on old scheme wher eyou will exploring locations to locate unique characters (some of them are going to be celebrities... or at least that's what they say) who might give you some task and pay you a bit of cash after you will finish it. Ofcourse no one will give you cash but you can get some manga porn pictures and other things that you can sell afterward. But the only problem is still the same - will you be able to live long enough to gather the required sum of cash or Slutty McSlut will crush your sorry bum if you will fail? In case you have discovered this is 6th game in the series so don't forget to check our website for others!

Thousand Days Later

26 June 19

First thing that you ought to know about thsi game is that it is positioned as an unofficial sequel to the"Crusoe had it easy" - teh game about venture of two people who ended up about the inhabitant island and had to deal with all the troubles from getting themselves food to handling their sexual desires. In this game the story will take place after one thousand days passed from the very horrible event happend on that island (and here you should understand that it is recommended to play the original game very first in case you ahve not played it yet) but only now you may ultimately get the second chnace on making everything right... or making everything even worse - that is your decision and all the decision you are going to make! According to author there will be nine (!) Endings!

Meet and Smash Detective RPG

8 April 21

Hentai novel will tell you the story of a private detective who was hired by an old businessman to understand the story of his daughter-in-law by a casual intimate relationship. Hence the detective is tasked with getting a ticket to Oklahoma. Arriving in the city, the detective finds that the ex-wife of a businessman and fulfills her at a local cafe. This is an adult chesty lady who tells a detective a tale about unhappy love. And yes, the woman has a daughter-in-law. She is barely legal years old and a student. The next day, the detective meets his daughter-in-law. Mm.. How beautiful she is. At her age, the damsel has a round rump and delicious tits. Maybe with your help, the detective may entice mom and daughter-in-law and have wild fuck-a-thon with them? Let's check it out. So let's commence the game instantaneously.