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Fruit Club

4 June 18

How can be a ordinary evening visit to the fruit bar an exciting event? _ You just need to visit in this hentai game. Game starts with you getting a call from the gal who wants to meet you tonight at the already mentioned fruit bar. Yeah, in case you thought that this will be a date night then think again - she really needs your help with her working duties here... Briefly she will tell you what you have to do to help her and your task will be to get 100 incomes before the time of her shift will run out. What is in it for you? Well besides fruit cocktail mixing gameplay that you might really enjoy you will also get a special reward from you girlfriend if you will handle the job properly and in time - didn't you forget that this is hentai game you are playing?


19 July 18

His match may have sensual motives inside when you may actually attempt to perform with it you may understand - that can be fairly gonzo arcade regarding uncomfortable existence of ordinary colibrie. That means you'll be enjoying as cloibrie. Use arrow keys to manage the flight and detect two objects - fuel and juice. Fuel you'll have to keep colibrie in movability accordingly when you from gasoline will liberate the match. And juice you'll need for enjoyment component of this match - it'll be used to unlock sensual image of sexy oriental woman! Suck juice out of blossoms and gather a starlet for additional speed. And you may require this extra speed because you're not the sole one in search for blossom juice (and nude asian chick) - then you'll have to bypass fairly a great deal of eneimes as well! Since it was said - getting this oriental cutie is gon na na be a tricky work!