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Katara Sex

13 June 18

A youthfull dame called Katara wields water magical. She instructs water magical to be used by Aang. However, in come back, Katara asks for some support. She wants to relieve pressure. Aang agrees and following instruction they visit a location. Aans takes off her undies and commences to gobble her cock-squeezing puss. Katara screams with delight after Aang snacks Katara bud. Mm... she is already moist. Aang commences to fuck the dame in her taut coochie. His fat lollipop tears moist skin in half and the damsel is close to achieving a orgasm. Aang resumes to fuck Katara and crams her puss with tons of magic sperm which contains magical energy. Katara was happy and they're able to come back to instruction. To interact with the game use also the menu that is interactive along with the mouse. Let us begin the game at the moment.

Katara Revamped

14 July 22

Have you ever wanted an sex session with a cartoon hottie such as Katara? This minigame will leave you smile. There aren't any dialogues or stories, but just an interactive pov sexual scene. Also, you will have several options to customize the scene that allow you to enhance the game and make it more enjoyable. You can also decide to alter the scene randomly to have amusement.