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25 May 18

Another pretty funny free sex game with tentacles. This little girl will get a lot of pleasure from three tentacles. Use Double penetration or fuck her in all three holes.

Motoko vs Batou Anal Fucky-fucky

22 March 18

Today you will get the very infrequent opportunity to witness what exactly is happening during the training sessions between Motoko Kusanagi and Batou which you should know as the principal characters of rather popular anime series"Ghost in the Shell". As you know Motoko is a cyborg so barely she needs any physical training to keep her body in a good shape so she is clearly doing it all for the fun... and what can be more fun and at precisely the exact same time physical than with a hardcore fuck-a-thon with the biggest boy she knows? And don't expect this couple to have any foreplay for too long because ass fucking fuck-a-thon is their principal goal during each of these private trainings! And you will very likely need to play through this game at least twice because in the end you will have to make a choice where to spunk - inside or outside.