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12 April 18

"Strumpets" is the adults only game in which you are supposed to start your own whore empire. Ofcourse before it will become an empire you will have to put some efforts into it first since you will be starting with rather bad as well as restricted options of quite much whatever yet the more money you will be making the more of new interesting possibilities will end up being offered to you! So don't rush to click on every single button - in this game you will succeed far better as well as much sooner if you will be believing. Now contribute to these adults style as well as fascinating gameplay the fantastic looking artstyle as well as you will get the brothel simulator which quickly can be thought about as one of the very best in this category (if there is a category of brothel simulators)!


8 July 18

Inside this manga porn quest game you will be playing not as some student as usual but as a female teacher! You are the new teacher at Hent High School. On the very first day of your new job you find out that as shortly as you set your teacher uniform on you have an almost uncontrollable fervor. And since there are a lot of students that dream about fucking their big-titted teacher you should use your moments and satisfy your own needs with their help. But you should do that just between classes and in case if you are not going to loose your work you ought to pay attention to train your students too. Buy books, plan your classes, instruct your students and... fuck with them any time you will get the chance! The goal is to get as much fuckfest as possible without loosing your project!

TOTG: Brugeria Grondes Brothel (Alpha 1)

25 June 19

As you will observe this game is build on top-down rpg mechanics but don't worry - you will see brothel managment elements here as well. So if you are all set to bring the adult joys in fantays world of Brugeria on the highest level then now is the time to... wake up and clean this old, dusty and falling apart pub which you've inhereted from your granddad. Yep, you will be working at the pub so as to rebuild this place and make it the brothel not only in your home village but all over the kingdom! Make cash with every opportunity you will get, fix and rebuild pub, engage up waitresses and whores, upgrade each room and enjoy some petite side stories involving your childhood friends and clients while doing it! Probably there won't be so much manga porn art but come on - that is a manager after all!