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Laetitia 2

23 June 18

2 a part of an interactive flash game about a stupid lady who refused to help. Recall that she was driving toa forest road and skint a tire. Then refused the support of a clotheshorse who was attending to meet. The dandy was pained and set to require revenge. He referred to as his friend, who works for the station, and that they came back togetherto the scene of their breakdown. Then they shocked the lady and stripped her. After that, they tied the lady up and decorated her on the faucet. Currently the boys could penalize the stupid lady for her behavior that is immoral. Within their Arsenal there area unit many devices with that they'll torture the lady. For instance, squeeze her puffies with extractor. Or a baseball equipment to her watermelons. If you prefer to spite and rape ladies, then this game is not for you.