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Lovemaking Kitten: Super-naughty Asylum

31 May 18

Our somewhat unwilling idiot hero, now quite genre-savvy after all his adventures, is thrown punching and screaming into the latest release of Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum! Can you sneak, fast-talk, stab and shoot your way out of this Insane Asylum that seems hellbent on lobotomizing you with a chainsaw? Your only hope of escaping is to maximize your magic good by doing stupid things, and hoping McSlut catches odor of your magic good once you manage to get out into the open! TIP: Floor 0 is strongly patrolled. You'll probably get spotted unless you have a disguise. And you do not wander into a lobotomy room in your regular threads. You will be KILL by mad therapists. I hope you all enjoy this game as much as I had fun coding it! And by that I mean a lot. - Also there is no secret basement. Stop asking. 9_6 File size is 5.50Mb

BDSM Castle

3 July 18

The title doesn't lie to you - this game will take place in some big and old castle where your inetrests in bdsm stuff are welcomed! After you will enter the main hall you will see a lot of hot and sexy gals waiting to fulfill your special desires. Just pick one of the rooms by clicking on a door and then one of gals will join you. Some of gals prefer being fucked by a machine but what faux-cock it will have and at what speed it is going to operate is up to you to decide. Or may be you enjoy watching hot maid in latex uniform in very uncomfortable but also very sexy positions? Well, there will be rooms with chains and a lot of other accesories that you can try on her! Keep exploring castle's rooms and sexy maiden's bodies to have as much funtime as possible!

The Visitor

9 July 18

It's time for a brief joke narrative again - just shovel embark button and have fun sans any gameplay. But be cautioned this can be a adult joke and it's between unusual looking alien in any stage who knows what you may see in this cartoon... The narrative commences on a single ordinary morning that stops becoming ordinary in exactly the same 2nd as large flying spaceship appears in the heavens over the milky building. And that is obviously not a spaceship made by people so seems like first contact with aliens is going to occur... probably that's the reason why the boat is encircled by tanks and militaries. However, this mysterious dude who's came on this boat isn't fearful of them he ambles outside to deliver the exact message... let us just hope people will know him properly regardless of the form his bod gets.