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Private Dick Noir v0.0.12

16 June 22

The game is a graphic novel designed for adults only and it will be an interactive tale about noir-style detective Sam who is trying to solve a different one of his cases and to do that the detective will have to go to the most shady and dark areas of the city. There is a certain danger lurking there however there's the possibility of meeting one of the hot and sexy among them...

Invisible Gazer

22 March 18

In this erotica game that has a an interesting pencil drawing style you could imagine yourself as a private detective or perhaps an sceret agent. You are watching a attractive lady as she is takinga shower... Well It seems like the job of a private detective is more appropriate for the situation. Let's get back to the game that quite challenging until you understand the basic concept behind it. The next step is - you must take excellent pictures of the woman, but the shower she is taking is hot, so the window is getting wet, and you must get it cleaned up and not be caught! After the lady is cleaned enough and your camera is fully chargedpress the spacebar to take photos.

Brickhouse Betty: Damsel in dis Sundress

29 May 18

Yet another story about Brickhouse Betty crammed with both orgy and humor. And if you happened to be a devotee of truly old movies then this game has one more surprise for you - it is made in fashion of old movies that are raslly before sound and color! This time our beloved Betty perform a role of a lady who was kidnapped by non other than Slappy. And who knows - may be he even will try to kill her after he will get what he wants? But there is a hero who will not let such a dreadful aevent to happen and this hero has a name - Tarzan! Now he is in his way to spare Betty and once he wil become succesfulll (come on - it is not so much of a spoiler if you have seen or read any story about Tarzan's adventures before) he can get his reward from Betty... If you want tto see more of Betty's titillating adventures you always have the option to look for them on our website.

Jackin' Bad

19 July 18

This game is true quest in it's best of classical traditions - you will be exploring locations, start looking for interesting and useful objects so you could set them in inventory and use them when needed. So you will be playing as Jackob Badalamenti. This night has quite a string of strange events and most strange of them is disappearing of his best friend Mike. Which menas our stud might have to remeber all what he has learned while serving at the police and try to use all new skills he accuaried while being a soldier to solve this mysterious incident. Pretty briefly this perconal investigation will get him into a succession of encounters - some of them will be dangerous while some of them will be truly titillating! For more games similar to this one here check our website.

A Night With Angel

25 June 19

It's an interactive version of the visual novel. You can follow the story of the story of a character but you'll also alter the events' course by making key choices in the most important aspects. This game is played by adults. It is not just because of the noir theme, but also because there are a lot of sexy and sexually explicit scenes, along with gay themes. If you like these themes and want to enjoy the plot and take part in the games it is a must to take part in it. The game allows you to explore the world, and you'll always return there to discover information and new facts that you didn't know before. So let's start our journey right now.