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Private Dick Noir v0.0.12

16 June 22

The game is a graphic novel designed for adults only and it will be an interactive tale about noir-style detective Sam who is trying to solve a different one of his cases and to do that the detective will have to go to the most shady and dark areas of the city. There is a certain danger lurking there however there's the possibility of meeting one of the hot and sexy among them...

A Night With Angel

25 June 19

It's an interactive version of the visual novel. You can follow the story of the story of a character but you'll also alter the events' course by making key choices in the most important aspects. This game is played by adults. It is not just because of the noir theme, but also because there are a lot of sexy and sexually explicit scenes, along with gay themes. If you like these themes and want to enjoy the plot and take part in the games it is a must to take part in it. The game allows you to explore the world, and you'll always return there to discover information and new facts that you didn't know before. So let's start our journey right now.

Jackin' Bad

19 July 18

The maximum of a detective job is overnight. But this night for Jackob Badalamenti will likely be 'the night'. Vanishing of his friend Mike is the trigger... to settle the score with his past. Investigating on this scenario, he'll get some terrible encounters on his way and a number of others not bad in any respect!

Brickhouse Betty: Damsel in dis Sundress

29 May 18

Damsel in distress? Nope, there is nothing so elementary when it comes to Betty Brickhouse therefore meet her in her new doofy and sexy venture -"Damsel in dis Dress"! And to make this new gig even more different from all the former ones it is created in quite in demand genre of"noir"- black and white colors with criminal and dangers are waiting for Betty at every corner! Especially since Slappy has decided to kidnap her for the purposes that certainly not can be considered as good ones. So what we are misisng? Oh yes, the hero to the rescue who happens to be... Tarzan! But how exactly he is going to spare Betty and what type of reward he will get in case of success is something that you will discover only after you will see this not very long animation by yourself!

Invisible Gazer

22 March 18

Did you ever wished to try yourself because the spy? Then this game will give such opportunity at this time! Only here you stealing secrets from military bases or won't be chasing any guys that are bad - tonight your mission will be to take as many sexy photos of the chesty lady while she will be taking a bathroom! Sounds even finer? Then take your photocamera and begin! During the game it will be very important to know the timing of your actions. For example to take a good photo (where you could see everything which you would like to see) you are going to have to swipe at the window of this lady's bathroom but in case you will swipe she will simply notice you! So try to explore the best ways and moments to consider your shots and don't worry - unlike the real life here you can replay as many times as you want.