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Ghost Story

20 May 18

As you may guessed from the title this will be a story about ghosts... and hot priestes who will have to care for them one way or another! The game will begin from character creation. Here you may name your priestess, choose one of garb presets depending on how promiscuous you want her to look, adjust the color for her skin, hair and even eyes! Aftre that the story will begin. From the dialog with your grandpa you will know where yu should go and what you can do. The main gaemplay is based on exploring some old mansion's map. Use one of your skills or one of your items in diffferent locations and see to what it will lead to. At the conclusion of the game you will get a rank - depending on it you will get one of distinct endings. You even might want to unlock them all.

Campus Ep 1 pt. 1

19 June 18

Sometimes our dreams may seem so actual that begin to taken not as unconcious fantasy yet as the echoes of the previous lives. The hero of our story is concerning to test such experience and also every night he comes under the embracement of fantastic love to the gorgeous priestess Ayame from the many centuries earlier. Yet as it usually takes place fantastic joy features non the less griefs...

Whitemane's Inquisition v2.0

24 January 21

First of all don't worry - with this in inquisitor it is way more pleasing to have any business than with anyone else since thsi is non other than Sally Whitemane (yep, the one sexy priestess in"World of Warcraft") but because she is going not to punish but to reward you and her pair of big round and intense tits will be quite usefull for this moment. But how exactly and for how long she will be doing it is up to you - select one of possible variations of a titfucking and enjoy it from first-ever person perspective for as long as you desire. Yet before you will get to the principal fun part you're able to put some basics for your character apperance (at least the part that will be understood throughout the pov manga porn scenes) and if you'll demonstrate yourself worthy enough then titfucking will probably be just a beginning of tonight's programm...