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News Reporter

7 May 18

Nancy Boobitch was a reporter for the newspaper. She did a good job and built her career. But time passes and people get used to seeing her perfect boobs. It is clear that she will need good stories and good pictures if she wants to continue her journey. Our heroine received a call from someone unknown offering her the most thrilling material of her life, whether it wasdumb luck or mysterious providence. Nancy will do whatever it takes to find the truth even if she has to go to an abandoned location with grim rumors. You will only find the answer if you play this interactive erotica adventure yourself. Good luck!

Pulverize Town: Lucky Winner

15 June 18

Apart from those demonstrable bonuses which you get when purchasing TV put in Fucktown is your lottery that's occurring inbetween most of buyers... and will not pretend to assemble of almost any intrigue here in this season you are the winner! Obviously having a huge win there comes the public attention may be you will become tired of newspaper reporters attempting to get an interview with you at a certain stage... unless this is one very sexy looking female reporter that will happily suggest you fairly an exciting market - hump sesh for an interview! What exactly do you think are you interested in providing this interview today? Ofcourse you're do not worry - that the hump part will require more location in this game compared to the interview component... probably. You won't ever understand it till you may attempt it!

April's Big Story

18 December 20

April O'Neil might be a newsperson, but she's also a sexy bitch because she's trying to look as good as possible in her tight chromatic jumpsuit the simplest thanks for getting a story that will most likely turn her into the most renowned TV reporter of the royal family. Or you can have her come rescue from her four stars friends. It's the same as April's 2nd resolution. She has had a lot and a lot to do everything except Beebop and Rocksteady in her own way. These two giant men seem to have finally come to terms with their knowledge. Rather than rushing into another fight in which they will be defeated, they should set out to obtain that probability and celebrate with an amazing newsperson. This is despite the fact that April doesn't seem to be fighting this series of events. Let's get started.