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Velma Dinkley in a Sticky Sap Trap

1 May 18

Very fun parody which is actually not even the game but animated scene with few interactive elements that can be activated by finding and clicking on special objects inside the scene. It will be about one of the most famous female eggheads on earth aka Velma Dinkley kind Miystery Inc who is going to have some kinky funtime with her freinds on this Halloween night! Or these are just some impostors that are clothed because her firends only to find the chance to fuck this chubby smartass? Anyway everyone are having fun and this is the most important. Explore this location and find some clickable objects that will add few interesting details into the scene and lets hope that you don't mind about some futanari activity because such option also presents.

Sex with dog

1 May 18

An employee of the breeding institute decides to conduct a risky experiment. She needs to get the egg fertilized by the terrific Dane. Hence the dame decides to embark orgy with a fine dane. You must help her on this mission. Use your mouse to interact with the game. Click on the interactive spots to change the game animation. You will see how Dog fucks a big-boobed beauty within her pink puss. And then it's time for assfucking tracing. The dame yells with delight because a fat bone tears her pink cherry in half. After several inut, the dog crams the dame with a lot of gloppy sperm. Now all that remains is to take a sample of the egg and set it in an electron microscope. So let's embark our escapade now.

Scooby Doo Fuck-a-thon Parody with Welma

20 May 18

In the vid game, you will understand that toon heroes also love fun and depravity. So, the gorgeous and youthful dame Velma Dinkley decides to play a little insane. She invites her friend to have fuck-a-thon. In this interactive game, you will see Ak Velma Dinkley riding a fat penis just like a cheap city fuckslut. Her pink cunt is wrapped around a thick penis. Velma Dinkley gargles penis and licks big ball-sac. Then she starts pouncing up and down on the thick penis for vaginal joy. The dame is certainly ready to achieve an orgasm. Use the interactive menu around the in-game screen to change the in-game fuck-a-thon scenes. Fuck Velma Dinkley over and over until she is satiated and flops to the floor with an orgasm. So in case you would like to roughly fuck Velma Dinkley in her taut cootchie and round backside , then do it at this time.

Scooby Do Fuck-a-thon Parody

30 May 18

Who is the most sexy thing in whole"Mystery Incorporated"? Those of you who have see the animation series about adventures of Scooby Doo and his fellows will give the reaction in no time - ofcourse this is Daphne Blake! This sandy-haired knows how hot she is and definetely won't say"no" to a huge hard shaft... and it doesn't even have to be a hentai parody game for it to take place! But this game is which means that you will not only see Daphne having hook-up but even take some part in the process too. Pick any of available actions from the list and enjoy the animated scenes while the pleasure level will be getting larger up providing you with access to more of acts until the very ending with one big and messy money-shot! And no one says that you can fuck Daphne only in case you would like to!

Velma Gets Spooked

3 May 21

In this interactive parody prepare to see"Velma Gets Spooked!" (and if you are playing our games long enough you know exactly what"get spooked" means!). Therefore the story begns as normal our gusy from Mystery Inc are in serach for a new case to solve when the new case comes for them - they recieve an urgent message from Amsterdam from just two damsels who report about strange creatures stashing in the night around the abandoned castle! Ofcourse our detectives team can't let such terror to spread and anxious to solve what their true motives are and who is currently hiding behind this mistification. But will they be ready when they will be found by them to confront the replies? Because in case you have forgot this is not the regular vignette of the TV demonstrate but erotic themed parody!


3 April 21

This Halloween night Bloom the sexy redhead girl from "Winx Club" is off on her own adventure on her own and she has two issues she needs your assistance with. The first is to determine which of her two lovers she should go to tonight which one - Mario or Scooby-Doo? Another thing to do is navigate through the hordes of witches and bats flying everywhere Do that for Bloom and then enjoy a thrilling sexual sex scenes that are animated!