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3 Tales

4 May 18

Three old-school tales that you probably know for a long time are going to get a new reading - a reading accoridng to the basic rule sof hentai parody genre so don't get too surprised when you will watch your dearest fairytale characters will be fucking or get fucked by other of your dearest fairytail characters in a run of animated fuck-fest scene (with a little bit specific artstyle tho' which some of you might find interetsing while the others will find it even creepy). We are not going to tell you what adventures there will be taking place but as for the set of main characters then get ready to meet Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Wendy and Snow Queen - enjoy their private desires that are finally uncovered and send their stories in totally different ways!

Aira on Snow

24 May 18

"Aira on Snow" is not one of those big games with long stories, sophisticated characters and various gameplay mechanics but it still can make you happy for at least some time if you are not a stranger to anything hentai related. The idea is the next - young warrior and his beautiful companion were caught by the terrible snowfall during their travel through the forest and in order to keep each other warm they come up with one great idea - they decided to have some fuck-a-thon! Enjoy what has happened next in this well drawn and animated fuck-a-thon scene and explore the additinal features such as switching the point of view at any moment. Once again - it won't take too much of your time but you can always find more games like this one on our website which you are always welcomed to visit.

Rump Call Ep. 10 snowboarding

6 July 18

This time Jake is spending his vacation. Guide him the ideal way and screw some of those women on the market. Just recommend to start with the Cute Girls at Lift ;)