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7 April 21

Look at this big-boobed Japanese brown-haired. Her name is Izero. She's in college. She has a superb figure with big tits and a sweet smile. It's determined you should see her totally naked. Let's do it at this time. But there is a diminutive problem. The game is in Japanese. But you have to click on the"Next" button and then the game scenes will change. To start out with, the big-boobed doll Izero takes off her jacket and half-shirt. Then the white bra. Look at her sweet and big tits. They attract your attention. She takes off her micro-skirt and pantyhose and stays in her underwear. Definitely you want to see more. Then be patient and you'll see how Izero remains totally naked.

Haruhi Suzumiya – First-ever sex spraying

22 March 18

Haruhi Suzumiya has growned up enough to start exploring different aspects of sexual life and she will gladly take any aid from you tonight so take a fantastic care of her youthful beautiful body and bring her to an orgasm that she has never sensed before - the orgasm that will make her to squirt all over the place! Touch her, tease her sensitive areas through the underpants, munch her titties, play a little bit with your finger and her sweet backside and do some other kniky stuff to make Haruhi Suzumiya more and more horny. Since she is not too experienced yet you should bring her to a squirting orgasm sooner or afterwards yet try to do everything properly and keep an eye on the enjoyment meter that should allow you to fully grasp how good you are doing at the certain moments.