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Hentai Puzzle

20 May 18

As usual in this kind of games your job would be to connect all of bits in the right sequence to make a video picture of Hentai sex scene. There aren't any levels with increasing difficulty. Collect all puzzles and revel in Hentai graphics that is nice.

Manga porn Puzzle 16

30 May 18

It's the 16th (!) installment of the series. This is already the 16th game in the series. There won't be any major changes to the rules. Just like before, you'll need to solve the sliding puzzle to enjoy a short but exciting animated sexual scene. You might not want any major changes if you've played all the previous games (or at least some) prior to this. You see, there's no need to change something that isn't broken. If you like anime girls showing off their curves while getting fucked in many different places just as much as you love solving puzzles, then you will play this game. After you're done with this game of puzzles, don't forget about the other games we have on our puzzle list!

Kasumi Island

8 April 21

This is a great game featuring sexy Kasumi as the title. This scene shows a tropical island, a warm ocean, and Kasumi, the beautiful, busty girl. Her beauty is stunning and her breasts are large. Not everything is perfect. There are many indigenous tribesliving on the island and they love Kasumi. Kasumi is captured by the natives. What's next? The mini puzzle holds the solution. The whole picture must be assembled from multiple parts. Next, we'll move on. There are 8 puzzles in the game about Kasumi's adventures and those of the other locals. Find the complete story behind Kasumi's sexual adventures by collecting all 8 sex puzzles. Let's get started.