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3 September 22

You'll require more than mix up potions in your lab to be an alchemist in the middle times. If there's conflict, you may be sent out on missions to spy on people where you appear to be a gorgeous woman. You may not be in a position to "pretend" because you've invented a specific drug that makes you an perfect candidate for these disguised missions.

Luna in the Tavern ep 4

19 February 22

We are delighted to reveal that Luna has added a new chapter of her thrilling adventures at the local pub. Luna will face trouble in this episode but she'll be able to solve the problem with the assistance of Lina and Rylai Two sisters. They're both sorceresses and they both belong to the same magic school which is fire and the ice. Their rivalry is evident because they're sisters! You'll help Luna choose who is the most effective as well as setting your own objectives and that is having some fun and have a kink! Tonight's drinks will include fun, sex and challenges.

Mirana in the Tavern

23 December 21

The third episode of the adventure. Luna, a brave and gorgeous heorine has met her friends as well as her admirers. She now has to confront her arch-nemesis just as an epic conclusion would! Mirana her arch-nemesis is a beautiful and attractive woman who will not let Luna appear bad-looking even though her family and friends are watching! But the extent to which this mission will depend on the decisions you make and your choices when playing this thrilling and sexy action in a fantasy visual novel format. Highly recommended to play the first two chapters first (on our website too).

Lyralei in the Tavern

22 December 21

"The more you drink, the better" that's the theme for the sequel episode "Luna at the Tavern". Tonight she will be accompanied by her sexy admirers and a couple of her acquaintances. There are a lot of friends. What do you do to describe the people making up your life story? Include some cute details, and then attempt to earn a decent amount of money selling it. Lyrael will meet Luna the famous adventurer in the same pub that has increased the amount of her sexually sexy adventures only one night. Do you want to know what happens in what's coming next? You can select one chapter and ask for additional feedback from the author and the protagonist. This isn't something that happens every time.

Luna in the Tavern

21 December 21

It is possible to see Luna's adventures in the tap house through the computer game as well as a visual novel. While this is her most thrilling adventure, she's also had many adventures. It all began with an intriguing scenario. Luna wanted to stay the night in a vast property. However, the space was too small, that there were no rooms were offered. Luna was able help the owner to notice something, however she needed to put in the effort. These aspects can make Luna a well-known adventurer. If she was able to talk about her adventures with clients, it could be a fantastic method for the company's profits to rise. But what happens if Luna consumes a lot of alcohol? Let's begin and see what happens.

Sexy Witch 3 Hot Meal

29 August 21

You'll meet a new character in this brand new adventure, and it's all about the world's most sexy witches. She's also a witch however she does not seem to have the powers she used to have. This is why she struggles with her magic powers for different reasons. If you're interested in her, contact her to find out more. If she's lucky enough, you may be able to get more. The experience will include warm breakfast, and some pleasant conversations. After that, you'll get the opportunity to play games with your new acquaintance. This will give you more than just a couple of coins. You'll get a lot when you are attentive to the story and the dialogue and make the right decisions.

SexSim 2

13 May 21

This game is straightforward however it is a lot of fun! Three hotties will be waiting to be fucked in bars. Once your chocolate has been crafted and you're ready to go upstairs to play playing in different positions. It is possible to change the locations just like the previous game by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. The scenes range from doggystyles to an awesome sexual sexual scene! Enjoy!

Giles Journey

8 May 21

Giles is the title of the principal character of the interactive narrative. Giles is a ordinary farmer and goatherd and he'd most likely be very blessed if all that have remained as it's but he would like to wed the tavern keeper's daughter-in-law. Plus it seems like this old guy do not mind too much... but just if Giles does accomplish a very unique pursuit because of him very first! Then Giles will proceed on a trip that will clearly beocme the best escapade in his life but how preciselyit goes and how it will finish will depend upon you - like a palyer you'll be creating a great deal of options to get Giles thru this travel and even participate in turn-based struggles that have many enemies! And this isn't mentioning the numerous temptations and fucky-fucky scenes all over the way!

Hot Meal

9 November 20

You're playing as the normal man who's about to get a pleasant (and cheap) enough meal in the neighborhood tavern in the afternoon... however hardly you're hoping you will be served with these hot looking brown-haired if you were injecting the area! And because there aren't numerous vsitiors in this period of the afternoon that this sweetie (in fairly hot uniform) is prepared to devote just a bit longer together than she very likely needs to nevertheless as we understand having a great business any meal gets much finer! However, what's for dessert? The de-robe game of riddles is something you wont find frequently even among lots of sensual games within our site which that you undoubtedly need to play with this game once (or longer for those who may wish to find the other endings of this story)!


20 July 18

Welcome into the tavern, exhausted traveller and allow Miaka - that ultra-cute appearing club maiden with cats . But seems like this isn't the only unusual thing within her... and undoubtedly not the most arousing ! Thus say howdy and attempt and produce an arrangement. The term"Attempt" is utilize dbecause that you will very likely not receive your drink regardless of what conversation traces you may select. However, what you may get is that a fucky-fucky flash in first-ever person perspective! It is possible to just witness Miaka masturbating or allow her to care for your sausage. You indeed should listen to customiztion menu in the perfect bottom corner of this display. Below you'll find over a dozen different choices which you are able to select - insert or liquidate drapes, chnage Miaka's hairstyly or skin tone shade or switch the camera viewpoints!

Sanguine Rose Tavern Episode

16 July 18

This sport is for fans of"Sanguine Rose". Since you may have already guessed from the name this game isn't a finish narrative but among its best moments - the one which happnes in the tavern. To get the total version of the visual book it's possible to assess our site so look at this brief match for a demonstration. The narrative will say about tempting Carmen Valentine as well as the bounty hunters who've caught her. Click mouse button use space pub to advance thru conversation stage of the match. From time to time you'll have to create a decision - just choose the one which you believe will create the additional narrative more intriguing for you precisely. In the event in the event that you liked artworks afterward it is possible to utilize G button to get acces to the gallery. Love and don't leave behind to look at the total edition!

Dream Beer

4 July 18

Employed as a bartender at a dream universe is something you won't perform frequently in games... and much less this motif is reflected at interactive manga porn genre if you wanted to attempt your skilsl on imagining what beverage that or this sexy looking dream monster would love to get at the moment then this game has been created peculiarly for you! There'll be three people in the tavern now - innocent elven chick, a few by means sexy succubus and older female magician. You task will be to suggest every one of them a beverage and as you will notice shortly enough this is going to be fairly a pursuit because the principal aim is to create them all wasted sufficient for nude here and now! Try various approaches to every personality and might be you will find a unique party in your place tonight!

Die 4 Glory

25 May 18

Inside this fantasy themed game for mature audience only you'll be acting as a stud named Drake. But should you believe you are some kind of famous hero who's well-known for slaying down stereotypical creatures and rescue the greatest princesses all around the realm afterward... well, then you'll be a tinybit disappointed since Drake is only a mere peasant who resides within an forgeotten village called Brimstone and appears to really have a bland life by the standards of the place. Yet now it's all up to you to make the choices because Drake so most likely there's still a opportunity to write down your name to the background and also participate in all those magnificent deeds which you're dreaming of! And ofcourse becoming rewarded with greatest damsels can also be a part of the offer.

Treasure Delight

20 May 18

For hot pirate ginger-haired chick there is no nicer treasure than joy that is true! Probably that is why she celebrates getting this fresh treasure map with fuckfest with one of her team members. Which happened to be you incidentally! So you have alimited time to satiate your captain if you planning to get your slice of treasure when she will find it. For that you will need to fondle and taunt her coochie or may be her butthole if you want, fuck her beaver or her bootie on levels of force and all this to bring he rpleasure level to the maximum level. You have time and if you're going to excite her sufficient left she will let you to jism in and on her! And everything about the treasure? Might be she will get some free-for-all from fucking time for searching it in a next game.