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Korra bondage rape – Porn Bastards

3 May 21

Today's guest star of the hentai parody game from "Porn Bastards" series willbe not only famous and sexy looking but also very powerfull since it will be non other than the legendary avatar Korra! The fact that this character is positioned as lesbian should not bother you because in hentaigames everyhting is possible... especially if you will manage to convince Korra that all that is going to happen isjust a dream (and doing that is actually a part of the main challenge). But sex scenes and background story are not the only things that will keep you entertainedbecause if you have played other games from this series before then you know that there is certain range of customization available as well so you could turn Korra into the sexiest avatar ever!

Cummy Bender Stage 3

6 July 21

The advnetures of Korra in modeling business will continue as you will still be her manager. Sort of. Or her assistant? Anyways you are the guy who has to keep her in a good moodso all the photoshooting and scenes that she will be taking parts in were not only hot and sexy but also profitable. This game may look like a visual novel but as you will see it includes some rpg elements as well as some managment and even dating simulator elements too! And ofcourse there will be moments thanks to which you will have the total right to call this game a hentai parody! As you have probably noticed this is a thrid game in the serieswhich cleraly says that the stakes are getting higher and higher while Korra will be revealing more and more of her sexual talents!

Cummy Bender

12 March 21

"Cummy Bender" is a game which have visual novel in it's basis yet it also has some other gameplay additions - from elements of managment to dating simulator. But the most interesting thing for you is probably that it's story is based on the popular character Korra from "Avatar: the Legend of Korra" cartoon series! The great adventures are behind and now our main heorine will have to work as a model for some very unpleasant guy... who happens to be your uncle! The main star of the show is not evry happy with her new occupation and this is where you come in - it will be up to you to provide her with everything necessary so she could give a proper (and profitableofcourse!) show in front of camera! But as you will see soon enough it is not so simpe task at all...