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Better Life

4 October 22

In this story that is interactive, you'll be playing Zack, a character. Zack... and that is the most fascinating information we have to share with you because Zack's story is very boring! In the spirit of the game, your goal is to do all you can to alter the situation to make it better! Be careful, there are many options and lots of consequences to be aware of!


3 September 22

Being an alchemist in the middle ages implies that you'll have to be able to accomplish many more things than mixing the potions you make in your laboratory. For instance, if there is an outbreak of war, you'll be sent on spy mission, where you'll have to pretend to be a beautiful lady! It's not really to pretend, but somehow you have managed to make an extremely special pill that will make you the ideal candidate for these disguise missions...

Beauty and the Geek – Meet and…

22 March 18

The main character of this game that is interactive is fashion plate Sherman and he's an undergraduate student. Sherman is a fan of sitting in the library and browse through books. In addition, he is constantly beaten by the local bully. the UN agency has a gorgeous and full-breasted lady. Sherman would like to get rid of the gorgeous woman, but the girl is too much for him to fuck. When another insult occurs, Sherman is walking home through the hall of the college even as an old man appears. He offers Sherman an article and states that it's fascinating. Sherman starts to look through the book and discovers that it is usually true. He has an incredibly powerful weapon, and with the help of Sherman is able to punish the inconsiderate person, and discover how to deal with the full-breasted blonde. Let's get involved and discover the secrets in the book in one go. Then we'll have an urge to make fun of girls in class. Let's play.