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Additional ass call Ep.1

7 July 18

By singing rap tune, Jake is currently introducing himself. What women need? And what women want? Jake understands it)

Fortune Teller HiLo

9 May 21

Another 1 game out of"HiLo" or even"Higher-Lower" series thatthis time will have fairly relative to general luck themed gameplay thought because you may witness the narrative of hot looking ginger-haired seeing non the less alluring appearing fortuneteller... but what they will do you may see only in the event that you will create a specific progress in mentioned HiLo game - that card game where your job is to suppose is another card in the deck will probably be lower or higher in its own menaing compared to the former one. You'll be playing virtual oppoent and each time he'll make a error and you also will not you'll get on another degree and also as prize fresh sector of the narrative is going to soon be unlocked for you to love (and also to divert you from your game too). Great luck!