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Adventures of Alessandra

4 May 21

Alessandra is your main leading lady of the game and this is fairly clear - beeing an skillful warrior she's come to be a captain of Castanic Battle Seven of eleven empire so who else can prevent the hordes of werewolves and discover the freshly shaped portal site to conserve this magical universe from greater dangers? But besides all that - her responsibility, her assignment and her struggles - Alessandra can also be one sexy looking feminine from time to time that she will have to ease off and there's hardly a much better and faster means to do that besides to get some kinky sexual actions... So as you can currently state this interactive adventure will be exciting in several diverse ways so there's absolutely no reason to hold your assembly with this particular fanatstuic world for almost any longer!

A Blonde in the Dark

10 April 21

This game will inform you about a story that occurred on a full moon phase. An average adult man from the town was walking in the park at midnight. He gazed at the moon, then suddenly lost consciousness. He wakes up after a couple of hours. The dandy begins to hear strange noises. He also realizes there is someone close to him. He looks up and sees a beautiful, sculpted blonde. Thank you, God. He's rocking her up and down, and she's dancing on his fat cock. Is that not a dream? The blonde is rebuked by the fop. The most important rule right now is that you don't have to choose the correct dialogue choices. It is possible that the woman could be an evil spirit that preys upon individuals. He seduces them and drinks the blood of victims. Will the fop live long enough to carry his feet home? This is what you have to do. Enjoy the moment.