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The Witch Porn Games craze is not just for kids anymore, but now adults adore them too. Gaming supplies a great outlet for anxiety and is an enjoyable pass time. Witch Porn Games were created with precisely those kind of people in mind - it takes all the best things about Hentai and favored cartoon/video game and incorporates it into Witch Porn Games that vary in range when it comes to difficulty and fun. It's a gallery full of Witch Porn Games that feature characters from various vid games, cartoons and anime franchises, and it's definitely worth checking out if you're someone who likes to play while playing with your dick. Not only do we give you the possibility to play off the hook Witch Porn Games from all over the world, but you also get to try our groundbreaking Witch Porn Games that will blow your brain and help you blow your load, too! We offer different types of Witch Porn Games, not the typical stuff you'll find on other Witch Porn Games sites. If you're looking for the exact old Witch Porn Games shit, maybe go somewhere else. However, if you want to open your mind up to a collection of amazing and even some never-before-seen Witch Porn Games, launched for the first time, try them all here! Be the first among all of your friends to play new Witch Porn Games titles! You don't even need to pay a penny or download anything -- play all of our Witch Porn Games directly on your web browser! It's fun, easy and FREE!

Halloween Scorching Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

17 May 21

There's most likely no higher thanks to celebrate this Halloween night than by finance it during a horny wanting blonde chick dressed as a hot whore and pimp! But, before she shows off all her treats and provides you with some tight tricks, you will need to win a game against her, that this point are an old skool mini noughts and crosses game. Each single factor around that you just acquire can build her loose among the elements of her garments, so sooner or later you will have the chance to display her around fully. And if you wish that to happen sooner, then simply try and work out the sole winning ways and keep following them to the destination - the opponent could be a horny blonde, and she'll even notice a bit bit that you just play the precise same trick on her. over and over again!

The Bungler and the Witch

9 July 21

The name of this on-line game is enough to make the sensation of a fairytale journey. And it extremely will. However, this point you are going to play the story in an interactive format, and it's planning to have some sexual content, which implies this story isn't appropriate for children. You are going to play a typical guy who leads a traditional guy's life, till you notice that you just have some issues with girls. To resolve this drawback, you'll ought to realize a witch and find her to create the foremost special drink that may assist you. However, the event goes depends on the actions and phrases you utilize throughout the meeting. Are you able to fuck the well-endowed witch in her tight and pink cunt and round ass? Have a good time without delay.

Sexy Witch 3 Hot Meal

29 August 21

The new adventurein the world of sexy witches is going to lead you to the small local tavern where you will meet new character in this story. And yes, she is also a witchbut looks like she was not powerful enough in the past so now she has some troubles with using her magic gifts for a certain reasons. Ofcourse if you are interested you can talk her into telling you more and if you will be lucky enough then you can get even more - besides the hot breakfast and nice chatting you will also get the opportunity to play the game of ridlles with this new friend of yours in which on the stake will be something way more fun than justa bunch of coins... So pay attention to the story and dialogs and make proper choices and you will be greatly rewarded!

Sexy Witch 6: Pinecones for Zhanna

19 January 22

You find yourself in the duke's castle in the sixth installment of this series of sensual fantasy adventures as you assist an orc maiden in going back to her home. To be a lot more exact, in the concealed chambers of this feudal lord's castle. It has special one-way mirrors that let you see what's going on in several chambers. Lots of appealing occasions chock-full of sassy, peppery moments might be found. Additionally, in some scenarios, after emerging through the concealed corridor, you can participate in the enjoyment taking place there. It will be sweltering and intense.

Plop Fantasy Girls V1.3

6 April 22

This rpg-adventure game will be about a witch who is smart enough not to go into the swaps in the middle of the night by herself but she will gladly send someone else isntead... and yes, this 'someone else' is gonna be you! Your task will be to gather enough of special essence from the monstrous creatures that you will find there and ofcourse the reward will bequite special as well!

Princess Conquest Babs 3D

23 August 22

3D RPG game in which you play as a knight. Your mission is to seduce girlsand have sex with them. But your main goal is a busty princess. She's the only one who can save you. The game has different missions, different locations, quests, fights and more. After completing all the missions and tasks, you have to fight the boss. And if you survive, then you will get a chance to fuck the princess in her royal round ass. And then flood her face with tons of sticky cum.

Tales of June

10 September 22

Hello, traveler! Are you looking for fantasy themed card game in which the battles of might and magic can be not only bloody but also very sexy? The look further no more since we have one for you right here! Get the starting pack and do your best in becoming the magnet for coins, power, fame and hot fantasy chicks! (if the game fails to load from the first try then simply click retry button)

The Witcher Hunt

12 October 22

Witch hunt is implemented in this video game. You have to catch allthe witches... and thenhave sex with them. A few tips will help you along these adventures. First, you have a pistol that you can use when hunting witches. The gun fires special ammo that allows you to quickly catch the witch. Do not forget that every witch has a defensethat can only be overcome with the help of these same cartridges. Secondly, the witch has her witch magic, which allows her to defend herself from your attacks. With this magic, you will be able to defeat her, but for this you will have to spend a lot of time and nerves.

Halloween Witches

20 October 22

The central character agrees with pleasure, but does not yet know that the building is bursting with insidious otherworldly creatures. They are not in the mood for bloody crime and murder. The spirits are vulgar and obsessed with intimate affairs, so they are figured out to seduce the new mistress. The election system presents complex questions for the user related to further movement. A coquette may well refuse financial gain and just run away, but this option seems of little interest. Another way out is to get under the control of the creatures, and only the brave ones will begin to cleanse the building from evil spirits. The pages from the aunt's personal diary scattered along the corridors and rooms will help to understand the situation - they consist of beneficial information.

Maeve's Academy

21 November 22

The school academy is fraught with many interesting things and the protagonist decides to joinit in order to seduce all the girls in the academy. To do this, you must help him solve some problems. He will have to show you how he can manage people. The academy has 2 classes: 1st and 2nd class. If you don't want to be accepted into the academy, then you need to sleep with class 1 girls. To get into 1st grade you will have to sleep with all the girls. Here's a game for you. Everything depends on you.

Dirty Fantasy

7 January 23

The horrifying ghost chick named Samara (yep, the dirty skinnyscarey one form the movie series "The ring") crawls out from your TV only to... to get fucked by you! And you do it so good that she offers you a prize- she will teleport you into one of your favorite fantasy worlds! It happens to be the world of Witcher - awesome place where magic battles are interrupted only with great sex!

The Bitcher

17 June 18

If you think that the title of this game"The Bitcher" reminds of popualr videogame series"The Witcher" then you are definitely right - this game is nothing else but the hentai parody inspired by this magical world filled with heroes and monsters and now the most iconic characters of the original story are going to take a journey into the world of sexual fantasies. Ofcourse you are welcomed to join them and explore the sexual backstage of their adventures in interactive format. What it is you're supposed to do? In genreal - to travel all around the fantasy kingdom and to try to get laid with each and every hot enough lady that you will happen to meet on your way! The choices that you will be making during this adventure will also affect on what ending your story will get.

Halloween Slider

5 November 18

You have probably already played some slider puzzles games before but in case you still need for awesome looking hentai artworks or it is Halloween time of the year (or you are in the modd which is close to that period - this is also counts) then you will be happy to find out that we have special edition of this game here for you to play! Each level here is a hentai picture which you will have to restore by moving one parts of it against others until they all get into their proper places. At first there will be vertical puzzles but then the mode will change into horizontal. Some characters will seem familiar to you while the other might seem absolutely new but all pictures will be connected through Halloween theme. So get ready to see hot dolls in slutty costumes being fucked by dudes in creepy monster costumes... or those are not costumes?!

Dildo Witch (Demo)

25 June 19

In this fun arcade game with erotic elements you are going to see how sexy witch can use big fuck stick. And no, she is not going to fuck with it - she is going to use it to fly! Ofcourse those thinsg are not supposed to be ised as flying vehicles so she will need some magic and help from a player to stick with teh original plan... The genre of this game is floapping game which means that you will be controlling the hight of the flight and other manuevers with just some clicks of your mouse button made at the proper moments. There will be some bonuses that you will need to collect and some obstacles that you obviously will need to escape. By the way, the ground is the largest of these obstacles so don't hit it often if you don't want to see game over screen.

Techy Witch: The First Ingredient (18+) Beta V1.1

26 June 19

Where you can find a sexy looking witch at the Halloween night? On the cemetary ofcurse! Adn what is she doing there? She is looking for the most rare and unique ingredients which will help her magic potions to become even greater and stornger - this is also should be obvious. But what is not so obvious is the way that our sexy witch is going to use to get these components because for that she will need to... fuck different mythical creatures! In this particular episode the witch will have to find the way to 'handle' a vampire but later there will be some other interesting opponents added so if you will enjoy this gameenough then don't forget to check for updates from time to time. And ofcourse look for more Halloween themed games on our website!

Techy Witch: The First Ingredient (18+ NSFW) Alpha V1.3

29 June 19

Just a little project I've been working on lately. Since it's now in Alpha v1.3, I figured it's somewhat ready for a decent release. It's definitely an unusual change of pace from my other work, but I just wanted to try something new. It's my first adult game, so try to be fair! Keep in mind that this game's still in development, I'm just gonna leave this here and see if anyone gets back to me. If you've got any suggestions/ideas for me to consider, please let me know! Don't hurt me!

Sexy Witch 6: Pinecones For Zhanna

24 November 20

"Sexy Witch 6: Pinecones For Zhanna" is obviously the continuation of erotic game series and story about both fun and dangerous medieval times when witches were hot and adventures was mysterious! And as you will understand pretty quickly unlike the former gigs this time the stakes are going to be considerably higher yet still you can solve them by using your mighty dinky at the right place and at the right time... and which is non the less important - for the right hole! But hardly there is any point on trying to tell you more because thanks to multiple choices all along the way you will build your own story. Saving the day while trying to get as much fuck-fest as possible with - probably the only true reason for anyone to become a hero at any times!

Witchy Scrolls

23 December 20

If you are following the latest anime trends then you already should know that being a slimeis actually not that bad... and it is even better to be a slime in the fun and colorful game with strong hentai elements for quite obvious reasons! But frist things first and before you will be getting your exciting rewards from one busty and curvy virtual hottieyou will have to proove that you are worthy enough by... battling the powerfull witch! And if this is not thrilling enough for you (because this game is also positioned as a perfect Halloween night entertainment as well) then just remember that you are playing as a slimeand you will be getting mentioned rewards fromnon other than this witch's sister! Intrigued? Then it is time to make someone slimed!

Robin and Witches

10 April 21

Once upon a time in a kingdom that is high in the sky a witch by name Samantha stole a princess. The witch wants to put a curse on the princess so that darkness will reign in the world and subjugate a kingdom. Only one person dared to find and free the princess. He was an ordinary guy named Robin, and he was in love with this young lady.

Smutty Scrolls Velda Bom

11 July 22

New edition of "Smutty Scrolls" - the quest adventure with tricky puzzles and juicy rewards! Here you will enter the world of fantasy and magic yet to survive in it you will have to use the power of your brainas well: find the way to set the proper connections between different gamescreens and you will get your chance to enjoy some magical bodycurves from magcial ladies!

Teen Witches Academy v.16

20 December 20

No matter how poweful mage you are but taking part on the worng side during the great magical war will still come with it's consequences such as being banned from the magical world council. Now the highest position that you can count on is some headmaster at the far away school for questionable teens... which is actually sounds like a great idea - younger hearts are way more easy to corrupt turning your new students into your new army to fullfill your revenge one day! But these are the plans for some distant futureand as for now just try to stay as low as possible but don't forget to have some funtime as well because beside corrupting the hearts and souls of your studentsyou also could corrupt their bodies with the magic of sex as well!

Goddess Realm V.1

12 January 21

"Goddess Realm" is an adults only game that takes place in a fantasy area. And even though this world is habitat by all kinds of mythical creatures commencing from orcs and gnomes and ending with vampires and werewolves you will be playing as an ordinary human male. Well, may be not so ordinary after all since legends say that you were created by the Goddess herself in order to bring new light into this world. And how are you supposed to do that? By travelling around, meeting different characters, getting quests, selling and bying stuff and ofcourse by seducing each and every hot female that you will meet in this continous journey! Genre of the game is visual novel with small elements of text quest and plain rpg mechanics where your actions will increase or reduce your stats.

Smutty Scrolls: Xelda

19 February 21

The series of interesting logic puzzles"Smutty Scrolls" is back and today you are going to meet new addition to the roster of the princesses that you are supposed to be saving which is going to be non otehr than Princess Zelda... or Xelda since this is supposed to be A hentai parody after all. As for the gameplay then it is still the same - you will need to figure out the proper order of actions that you will be perfoming in several interconnected locations at the same time. Sounds tricky enough? Yep, this game is an ultimate test for your logic and besdies that obtaining the reward that you have actually earned is always much more sweet! Especially when this reward is a blonde elevn princess who seeks for your help first and your individual attenion later...


3 April 21

An interactive computer game during which your dearest personalities in"Winx Club" are suddenly Bloom otherwise you similar to to look at another cartoon red-haired obtaining ordered, then you actually want this game. However note that before you get to the hentai scenes, there'll be a fairly xxx game flash wherever you've got to manage the flying fairy Bloom and check out to avoid all the threats. And every one these exciting experiences can present itself in 2 worlds by the choice - you'll send Bloom through the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom, wherever she is going to notice an in depth interview with Mario, otherwise you will take her to the horror field of Halloween night, wherever she is going to get a pal within the face and not solely the celebrated Scooby-Doo! You'll use the arrow keys to manage Bloom's lightweight. Hurry up and celebrate with this depraved game immediately.